Identify Risks

We assists our clients in analyzing the risks of litigating, considering cost and distraction from regular business and the effect of the litigation on other business interests and relationships. Identifying the risks early is the key towards avoiding unnecessary litigation and preventing losses and delays.

Create Strategies

Controlling and minimizing uncertainty is the basis for risk management. Meeting with our clients and their teams to identify potential exposure in advance allows us to implement risk management strategies to avoid losses. The objective is to anticipate the risks that may arise during the pre-construction phase and determine the appropriate means of resolving these risks through the contracting process.


We meet with project engineers, managers, foremen, and superintendents to identify issues on a variety of levels. Our expertise with real estate and construction business operations, gives us critical insight and allows us to utilize preventive approaches – which tend to maximize the impact of the dollars the clients spend on legal services. Our access to expert knowledge through other professionals and authorities in the industry gives us an advantage, providing our clients with maximum safe-guard and security .