Transactional Work

To protect the interests of our clients, we recommend the most effective strategies, documents, including other construction experts, to provide only the best guidance about the issues that will lead to successful results in your case. We're dedicated in protecting the rights and interests of our clients in the construction industry in all construction-related transactional work.

We represent a wide variety of clients including owners, developers, general contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers. We draft, review, and negotiate contracts, plans and specifications that precede construction.


Nearly always, construction litigation requires prompt and immediate action. When construction disputes arise, you need knowledgeable, effective legal representation that help you with a quick and successful resolution. Our law offices handle Private and Public Construction issues, including Mechanics’ Lien, Stop Payment Notices, Payment and Performance Bond, Subcontractor and Contractor Disputes, Construction Site Injuries, and Construction Risk Management.

Our expertise includes bringing and defending all types of construction claims on behalf of owners, developers, contractors, subcontractors, construction managers, suppliers, manufacturers, design professionals, risk insurers and sureties. We regularly represent clients in construction mediation, arbitration as well as in litigation, related to Construction Defect Litigation, Construction Risk Management, Construction Site Injuries.


With our help, our clients easily manage all of their construction-related legal needs through a robust array of construction industry legal consulting services. Our reputation is largely built on the effective defense of claims and suits, helping our clients avoid liabilities, protect their legal defenses, take advantage of legal opportunities, and pursue legal recourse in appropriate cases. We prepare and analyze construction claims and disputes for construction projects, protecting and assisting our clients in all construction industries.